• Moss Cell Technology – A novel technology that use Physcomitrella patens (spreading earthmoss) protonema culture which enable skin cell to adapt much faster to environmental impacts and changes.
  • Advanced Hydrating of HA Technology Technology


Benefits of Water Source Hydrating Sleeping Mask

Dehydration is the root cause of skin problems. By utilising the innovative MossCellTecTM technology, CHARM UP formulated WATER SOURCE Skin Care Series. This series is designed to give our skin a more effective and longer-lasting moisturising effect, providing a simple way to keep skin hydrated and moisturized all day long.

MossCellTecTM technology enhances the skin’s ability to adapt to the environment and climate change with the cultivating of Physcomitrella patens (spread moss) by reinforcing skin cell resilience. The core ingredient in this series of products is extracted from bryophytes (moss). As one of the oldest living plants on our planet, the moss extract has a combination of excellent “water absorption” and “water retention” properties to reinforce the skin’s natural moisturizing barrier, strengthen the skin’s natural moisture retention capacity, and firmly lock-in the skin’s moisture. It will improve the dryness and dullness of the skin, loss of elasticity, as well as increase skin’s hydration level, restoring suppleness and radiance while keeping away the signs of ageing.


Water Source
Hydrating Toner

Water Source
Hydrating Serum

Water Source
Hydrating Moisturizer

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Hydrating Deep Pore Scrub

Water Source
Sleeping Mask

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Water Source Hydrating Sleeping Mask


After washing and before going to sleep at night, apply on face after your skincare daily routine.

After washing and before going to sleep at night, apply on face after your skincare daily routine.


Dab some Water Source Hydrating Sleeping Mask on your nose tip,cheeks, forehead, chin and neck in small dots.


Gently and evenly massage the Water Source Hydrating Sleeping Mask in an outward motion.


Even after the gel cream has been completely absorbed, it can be left on the face overnight without needing to be cleaned immediately, it can be washed off the next morning. The gel cream as a night mask will replenish the skin with the moisture it needs.

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