Vibrant Health Begins with Quality Sleep

Do you suffer from restless sleep, whereby you keep tossing and turning in bed at night due to insomnia, but find yourself feeling sleepy in the daytime? Sleep problems are becoming increasingly common in modern society, with nine out of ten Malaysians suffering from one or more sleep disorders, particularly among office workers, who have to deal with the constant stress of a fast-paced lifestyle and a heavy workload every day.

Sleep disorders are the source of a broad range of health issues. People who suffer from long-term insomnia, lack of sleep or poor sleep quality, will not be able to get adequate rest required for physical and mental rejuvenation. That could lead to a compromised immune system, memory loss, inability to focus, skin aging and other issues, resulting in a significant decline in quality of life as well as impaired daytime functions.

Do you suffer from any of these sleep problems?

  1. Having difficulty falling asleep
  2. Being frequently jolted awake by vivid dreams
  3. Feeling light-headed and lethargic after getting out of bed
  4. Cannot get back to sleep after waking up too early
  5. Unable to achieve restful deep sleep

Astability Memento sleep aid is a safe and effective formula that can help to relax the mind and body by helping to improve the blood circulation in the brain. This effectively relieves mental stress and assist relaxation to encourage a restful sleep and enhance sleep quality.

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