Nutritional supplements for eye health
Daily Blue Light Defender

Have you ever considered how much time you spend using 3C products every day? Mobile phones, computers and televisions bring convenience and entertainment into your life; but, they are also silently causing damage to your eyes. Do you know that long-term exposure to blue light emitted by digital display screens is likely to result in eye fatigue, dryness, visual deterioration, and could even lead to various eye diseases.


  • Protect the eyes and maintain eye health
  • Relieve eye fatigue
  • Delay age-related eye disorders
  • Prevent the occurrence of various eye diseases such as blurry vision, problems with focusing and age-related macular degeneration
  • Remove free radicals that damage the eye tissue
  • Filter blue light and protect eyes from ultraviolet damage. It can act as natural “sunglasses” for the eyes.

Suitable for individuals whose eyes suffer from

  • continued exposure to digital display screens (computer, mobile phone, television, etc.)
  • prolonged exposure to the sun
  • long periods of reading
  • dry eye syndrome
  • computer vision syndrome
  • visual deterioration
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