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Awakening the body’s
self-healing mechanisms and
restoring balance to the body’s
estrogen levels.

Women is concern about aging. However, do u know what substance in the body determines the rate of a women’s aging process? Well, the answer is none other than estrogen, which maintains the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman. When the amount of estrogen secreted by the ovaries is insufficient or decreases, the body functions will naturally begin to deteriorate.

There are more than 400 areas in the female body that contain estrogen receptors, mainly the female reproductive organs, skin, bones and brains.

Women who are reaching 30 years of age, the ovarian functions of women will began to decline, and the estrogen levels produced will also been reduce significantly, therefore causing the female hormones in the body perennially fall into an inadequate yet imbalanced state. As such, the body will find itself struggling to maintain the normal physiological functions of its multiple

Estrogen imbalance could lead to damage to the body, which would trigger a series of health threats:

Low estrogen levels: infertility, premature ovarian failure, menopausal syndrome,
menstrual disorders, facial spots, increased wrinkles and fine lines, musculoskeletal pain, breast atrophy and sagging

High estrogen level: abnormal uterine bleeding, breast diseases, abnormalities of
ovulation, uterine fibroid.

A good estrogen balance plays a key role in a woman’s health.

Playing a role in regulating the body’s hormone levels, Fem@lov 1,2,3 participates in the biological reactions of the natural estrogen secretion process to call for a two-way adjustment to estrogen imbalance, thereby boosting the body’s natural ability to bring the hormones to optimal levels.


Fem@lov 1,2,3 – The ultimate shield that protects women’s internal and external health

• Regulates endocrine, balances estrogen, and fully maintains a woman’s health.
• Improves the uterus environment, eliminates unfavourable genetic changes, and maintains the uterus health by responding to the autonomic balance of estrogen.
• Improve the ovaries’ function, restores a youthful body state, thoroughly maintains and regulates health, slows down aging, as well as improves fertility.
• Improves vaginal health problems, prevents and eases various kinds of inflammation, as well as tightens the vagina and improves vaginal dryness.
• Regulates menstrual periods and restores healthy menstrual cycles, delays menopause.
• Improves the quality of sexual life and relationship satisfaction between partners.
• Improves the quality of sleep.
• Takes care of breast health; gives fuller and firmer breasts, preventing atrophy and sagging.
• Maintains a slim figure and the curves, moisture skin and keeps skin firm, improves dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines; helps restores confidence in women.

• Femlov 1 suitable for women 20 to 35 years old.
• Femlov 2 suitable for women from 35 years old onward until menopause.
• Femlov 3 suitable for menopausal women.